Conclusion – It is US & EU Solar Power Industry vs. Leonardo Corp. ECAT


Combining the two traces…

Where leads us the Cherokee Investment Partners – Industrial Heat LLC – NRG Energy trace?

Where leads us the Darden micro grid patent trace?

..then we can see a massive engagement of ‘Darden’ in solar energy and grid technology starting in 2012. The message is clear and it is not about US$ billions, it is about US$ trillions:



The conclusion of  the analyses of all available data could only be, that Thomas Francis Darden II and his accomplices (John Mazzarino, John Linger, JT Vaughn, David W. Crane, Craig M. Cogut, Jos van der Hyden, Jim Szyperski, Joseph Forbes, Stephen C. Knapp, Christopher Wedding, William McDonough, John Dewey Weaver, Roy W. Mall, JT Thompson and many more) started their engagement with Industrial Heat LLC in the Leonardo Corp. ECAT of Andrea Rossi not to develop a marketable LENR product in a short time, because they can not be interested in producing the ECAT in the near future, since the disruptive character of the ECAT LENR technology would massively jeopardize their just started multi billion dollar investments in solar energy.

So by always wearing the masks of the honorable gentlemen, visiting the US president and visiting LENR conferences, promising strong support, backed up by their global energy business network and several billion dollar investment funds, the use of Industrial Heat LLC and this dummy license agreement was in the short term their attempt to rescue the multi trillion US$ worth assets of their major US and EU renewable and solar power companies by delaying LENR and ECAT technology as long as possible.

At the same time they tried, by obtaining the available intellectual property by all means, to bring all the worldwide available LENR intellectual property and technology under their own control and afterwards, outgoing from the renewable energy costumer basis and the micro grid and sterling engine technology concept, in the mid term, starting with a controlled transition and building up their own worldwide LENR business, of course without Leonardo Corp., Andrea Rossi, or any other LENR inventor!

It is ultimately a question of plausibility: Does it makes sense at the same time (here in 2012) on the one hand invest billions US$ in solar energy and on the other hand invest hundreds of millions US$ in LENR Technology?

The forceful response is, NO!

A functioning LENR reactor like the 1MW ECAT system of Andrea Rossi would make any investment in solar energy completely pointless. Disruptive LENR technology is from the cost-benefit factor, depending on the achievable COP, any current conventional, nuclear, or alternative energy production hundreds, or thousand times superior!

And here could be the explanation,  why Darden have tried with Industrial Heat LLC to bring the ECAT technology of Andrea Rossi under their control and then tried to prevent the tests:

With Solar Energy you can obviously earn a lot more money!

While the license agreement between Industrial Heat LLC and Leonardo Corp. calculated for the licensed territory with sums ranging up to US $ 20 billion, the calculations go at the Cherokee Investment Partners controlled IronOak Energy Company up to US $ 20 trillion! That would be a thousand times the amount ! A technology like an LENR ECAT (whether it could save the world, or not) is just very bad for this business and your own bank account, especially if  you have invested in the multi-billion dollar solar energy funds of Darden

Some would call all this a ‘Civil Conspiracy’, for the insiders it is just normal business networking! What they have not expected was Andrea Rossi’s lawsuit, they thought that he would be satisfied with the paid 10-11 million US$.

Now they are in real trouble, and their lawyers of Jones Day are heavily ‘rotating’, because they have failed to obliterate their traces and when Andrea Rossi has good lawyers, then it will be, with the here ascertained facts, no problem for them to prove a conspiracy and attempted fraud in court.

Update  21.07.2016

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Where leads us the Cherokee Investment Partners – Industrial Heat LLC – NRG Energy trace?

Where leads us the Darden micro grid patent trace?

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