EcatSK Presentation January 31st 2019

First Image and impressions of 22 KW Model of ECatSK – Bluebox that contains everything

Brief analysis of the EcatSK Presentation January 31th 2019.  Even though the presentation was not very convincing from the professionalism point of view for presentations, it remains to be hoped that the EcatSK is now available and works, so those who are interested should try an order just to check if the claims are true. The EcatSK is available for industrial applications, contact email address below or

EcatSk consuming 380W/h for its cooling system, EcatSk is made in the USA,
no emission of neutrons,

plasma light (Rossi’s Ballerina)

Calculations of EcatSK by Andrea Rossi

8111K = 8384C is definitely wrong – 8111K = 7837,85C would be correct.

Deleted Outtakes recorded by Bob Greenyer




the complete Presentation by EcatSK


and the Ecat SK Song




to be continued…