Investment in the Future – The Leonardo ECAT – as value-based brand

Steve Jobs and his Apple Logo accomplished something that distinguish his brand from all other brands, he gave the brand a ‘real’ face. .

In studies in a magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT) has been determined that the Apple Logo and Apple products (unlike competitors) activated brain regions responsible for face recognition and in particular those areas of the brain that are not only responsible for face recognition, but additional for emotional valuation. Apple has, so to speak, humanizes its logo and its products and thus made ‘real’ friends.

For a brand like the Leonardo ECAT this is of course in far future,  but the logo with the cat and the red dot arouse positive emotions. The inconsistent designation ECAT, or E-CAT is disturbing, there Leonardo has still work to do and unify this. But what need a brand whose products will most probably change the world?

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A coming world brand as ECAT (so my future writing) should in my view be perceived not only as an energy supplier and technology provider, but due to the importance appear more value based. Lived economic responsibility, environmental awareness and social responsibility, thus broadly sustainability and transparency should unite to an authentic picture.

The current legal situation and the state of uncertainty in which not only the product ECAT but also the brand is, should be ended as soon as possible. From my point of view there is a high risk that a brand like ECAT in the future will always be connected with this unsuccessful start and this lawsuit. And while it is difficult to convince costumers with design and functionality for a technical device like the ECAT that is generating energy mostly unnoticed in the basement or under a hood, (unlike as Apple products), a brand development should be directed more to reputation.