LENR E-Cat QX – Does the Holy Grail of Power Generation Have a Public Relations Problem?

On November 24, 2017, the presentation of the third generation of the patented E-Cat of US-based Italian inventor Dr.Andrea Rossi took place in the venerable setting of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences Conference Center in Stockholm.

The E-Cat QX  Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) reactor ran during the presentation in the following experimental set-up and achieved a calculated coefficients of performance (short COP) of over 500.



While, as you can see from the official video, the event led by Mats Lewan was performed quite professionally …

(The ‘official’ video was deleted on Youtube)

…and uploaded again with sound editing…

… the external media presentation revealed considerable weaknesses.

A collections of official and non-official videos can be found here:



Contrary to the statements of Andrea Rossi, no information about this event can be found on the official company website ecat.com (Update: 2 days after the event videos are online, text is linking to ecatworld.org for discussion), nor are there any authorized press releases of Leonardo Corp. The only known press release …

… was not published, or authorized by Leonardo Corp. as CEO Andrea Rossi stated last week.


A consistent program, or any line that shows a concept in the effect this presentation in Stockholm could have in the media or on possible investors is not recognizable, whereby a possible interpretation sovereignty of the Leonardo Corp. over their own invention the E-Cat QX completely get lost.

The evaluation of this event and the E-Cat QX reactor is therefore mostly found in private forums, social networks, and the comment areas of blogs …




… the only channel used by CEO Andrea Rossi is his own blog the- Journal of Nuclear Physics …


The question therefore arises whether an invention of the magnitude of an E-Cat QX …


… beside some scientific, theoretical and technical problems, primarily suffers from a massive PR problem which prevents that this disruptive (as the NASA calls it) ‘game changing’ technology with the potential not just to solve all of humanity’s energy problems, but also to save the climate, conquers the market!

Andrea Rossi should have listened to Mats Lewan’s advice, which he articulated on October 6, 2011, but even after 6 years, there is still no certainty and, above all, no marketable LENR technology available.