#LENR E-Cat QX Presentation – Stockholm – Sweden November 2017 – Video Collection



Background Information:

Reflections of Presenter Mats Lewan on the Nov 24 E-Cat QX demo in Stockholm, including technical details:

Reflections on the Nov 24 E-Cat QX demo in Stockholm

Alan Smith – Administrator of LENR Forum reporting:



Comments on the QX Demonstration (Michael Lammert — aka Dr. Mike):


Official Videos from the organizer:

(Remark – this is an updated Version of the original upload, in the video above the audio was edited by full sound cut off between 00:55:29 and 01:45:48 cancelling the complete ‘smalltalk’ that was captured by an open microphone, a lot of conversation in Italian and some English)

(Comparison of the Youtube videos – Audio 1 is the orginal upload – Audio 2 new version)

Examples what kind of conversation was cut:

Time 00:58:30 – Rossi Explanation to a visitor

Question by the visitor: “Input Volt?”

Rossi: “The Input is about say 300 Milli-Volts […not clear understanble section …] Which means 300 Milli-Volts and 300 Milli-Amps, because you have one normal of resistance by the Ohm […not clear understandeble word …]”

Time 01:00:45 – Rossi about Sifferkoll

Rossi: “I am happy one here, you had helped us a lot with Sifferkoll, Sifferkoll is very powerfull, […] and you are very smart, also.

Time 01:02:16 – Rossi about Calibration

Rossi: “By the way the […] carpus we are using have been donated by the Universtity of Uppsala, because are very well calibrated, Bo Höistad gave it to me, … yes the K-probes”

Carl-Oscar Gullström: Working with theory about the Rossi effect


Videos of participants:

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