LENR- Low temperature nuclear fusion reactors, e.g. alleged cold fusion reactors – US Patent granted

a. method of conducting a controlled fusion reaction, the method comprising: a. inducing a flow of electrons in a discontinuity at a tip of a porous electrode with one of a RF generator device, a microwave generator device or a laser, whereby surface plasmons are excited;

b. the tip comprising a lattice structure optionally coated with a getter material for hydrogen or low molecular weight gasses, the lattice structure being imbedded with a source of fusion fuel material;

c. the discontinuity defining the boundary of the lattice structure containing said source of fusion fuel material;

d. wherein an oscillating flow of electrons primarily along a surface of the electrode is induced in a forward direction toward the tip and in a reverse direction away from the tip, the forward and reverse direction electron flows oscillating at a frequency of at least about 1 GHz; and

e. wherein, the oscillating flow of electrons creates an electric field greater than about 108 V/m at said tip, providing localized compression by ponderomotive forces, thereby lowering the Coulomb barrier between two fusing atoms thereby inducing a fusion reaction in said fusion fuel material in a region at or adjacent to the tip.