Signals in the LENR background noise

Deutsche Version Signale im LENR Hintergrundrauschen

I have taken a break for a few days following Peter Gluck’s indirect advice and just listened seriously to the background noise to detect real signals.

I am not one of these junkies who spend half their lives in Internet forums and I take not part in these often endless and useless discussions. However, it is essential to read the LENR topics in the Internet forums, mailing lists and blog comments, not necessarily to get valid information, but rather to get a feeling for the actual atmosphere, which is e.g. currently building up around the topic LENR and the upcoming Leonardo/IH lawsuit. In the interpersonal relationships obviously bearing formation takes place, which is in my opinion and with high probability, specifically made to split the LENR community, with the aim of a total disintegration to destroy the credibility.

In the International LENR Forum this story is developing:

Caesar Thomas Darden, leader of the powerful Industria Caloris, and his advisers are considering how to split the small indomitable ECAT Team Rossi / Peter Gluck and the indomitable LENR-supporters. They know that these are self-seeking, but in an emergency, always stick together. One day one of Caesar Darden’s consultants proposes to send out of the britannia province the British Clarke Destructivus to destroy the LENR Community. He has the talent to evoke dispute in each group, with masses of text, skillful manipulation and intrigue. Having already triggered by its mere presence a dispute under Caesar Darden advisers, he was commissioned by Caesar Darden, to destroy the LENR communities and so he penetrates into the mailing lists and in the main forum of the brave LENRer.

Clarke Destructivus spread throughout LENR Forum masses of his messages and presents some of the leaders of the Forum secret gifts, consisting of supposedly valuable, but secret anonymous knowledge. In response the residents of the LENR Forum quarrel due to misunderstandings, envy, jealousy, inferiority complexes and other human weaknesses. Finally, the leader of the Forum are even suspected of having betrayed the spirit of LENR Forum and to collaborate with dark Industria Caloris.

Supporting Clarke Destructivus another cohort of Industria Caloris had already infiltrated the disrupted Forum to overtake the power without a fight, but a lucky villager manages at the last second, to bring a few LENRer to reason. Using a Puga Magicae he unmask Clarke Destructivus whereupon he withdraws to Londinium.

However, this story does not end with a banquet as in the Asterix book. In reality, as intended by the Romans, remains a shattered and deeply divided village, where other Romans, commissioned by Caesar, continue trying to divide the inhabitants by glorifying Destructivus valuable knowledge and his personality.

It is a good example of why I keep away from such ‘communities’!

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