The big picture – The LENR Revolution and Peter Gluck’s Elephant

Why is the LENR revolution more important than the Internet?

No question, for mankind the Internet is the most important innovation of the last millennium. It was born out of a problem trying to solve a problem. The researcher Tim Berners-Lee formulated at CERN, the European Nuclear Research Centre, a proposal for a solution to get rid of the information chaos at the Institute with the help of computers, network technology and two new standards, the hypertext markup language HTML and the matching Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP.  He introduced this concept on March 13 1989 and one year and 10 months later, at Christmas 1990, the first web server of the world went online.

The concept and the two new standards were quickly adopted mainly on nuclear research facility around the world, especially in the US, but it took another 3 years until April 30 1993, when the technology was released for public use.

At this time there were only a few visionaries aware of the monumental opportunities and the impact of this innovation, the general public and especially the economy met the Internet rather with big skepticism, because mainly due to lack of content most people did not see any sense in the concept of the internet and therefore they stayed away and the economy saw no point to invest in something that is not profitable at all.

As everyone knows today, this skepticism was unfounded, the Internet is today in the developed regions of this planet, the main source for information and trade. While in 1993 only 3% of the information storage capacity was digital, it was first time in history in 2002 possible to store more information digitally, than analog and today a little over a decade later, the capacities are practically not only infinite, but also very easy and fast accessible and this practical from all over the world. The today existing digital world and its markets could only very few people imagine in 1993.

A brief author’s note; It was July 16th 1994, a Saturday, I was a student at the University of Oldenburg and there was a big party in our student community. While everyone else celebrated sat  I alone at my computer screen and watched the NASA live stream of the first impacts of shattered Shoemaker-Levy 9 on Jupiter. Occasionally a few students looked over with a beer in their hands and asked me what this small video shows and why I am so enthusiastic and I was not even able to explain them and get thru with my approach to point out that it is practically a modern marvel, that I sit in a small town in northern Germany,  in a private home, on a private computer, watching live via a computer network how a comet hits another planet in our solar system. They did not understood my far in the future reaching and almost philosophical remarks, that soon everthing will be made through this network and this network will determine the world and our social and private life. They turned uncomprehendingly around, drank their beer and perhaps there were such moments that leads to the term Nerd, which was added to the German Duden dictionary in 2004.

For these people, the Internet today meets their basic needs as consumer and for human interaction and thus provider of hardware and software, digital online content, online retailers and social networks belong to the largest and most valuable companies in the world and some of them have own rules without national boundaries and this new social and economic sector have an enormous impact on the entire human race.

Although there are still people today who can remember a world without Internet, in a few decades this will no longer be the case! The Internet is and will be forever an integral part of human culture, human life and the environment in general and this in an extent as only visionaries can imagine today.

Most in silence, but no less powerful and influential, there is another sector of the todays economy and this is the global energy market.

Unlike the rapid and innovative Internet, this market is very stable and rethinking towards reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and pollution is postulated but not implemented. Global energy demand was in 2014 covered about 86% from fossil fuels and even if, for example, Germany wrote in the agenda to cover in 2050 100% of its energy demand from renewable sources (water, wind, solar, biomass), so it is therefore largely alone . Even if other Nations also promote renewable energy, the mid and long term strategy is still using fossil fuels, or conventional nuclear power with all its problems. Innovative technologies such as fusion reactors like ITER, or Wendelstein are still far from entering the market and, as well as the renewable energy, they have all the huge disadvantage to be in maintenance and operation more expensive and more difficult to handle than fossil fuels, that gives energy, easily understandable like the good old fire in the stone age.

 Alternative energy is the same thing only in green.

The greatest obstacle to the enforcement of the various forms of alternative energy is, in addition to the complexity of the technology, the high demands to the knowledge of the professionals, especially the price. Alternative energys not make the breakthrough, because they are usually at the same energy density more expensive than conventional fossil forms of energy, and even if this should change, so will the difference allways  be marginal and the technical complexity and the impact on the environment remain high. Even if the 100% renewable energy goal is postulated in Germany, the reality is that the German industry today only covers 4% of its energy demand from renewable sources and this because they have to survive in the highly competitive world market and in this market fossil fuels are the basis of all.

 LENR – The Revolution and the big picture


Peter Gluck an important protagonist of LENR movement wrote in his blog regarding the perception of LENR as technology by the scientific community and the general public, about the parable form the blind men and the elephant.

Blindness stands in the parable as a synonym for the inability to see the whole, the elephant is the reality or the truth. History shows that the reality, depending on which perspective you have, can be understood very differently.

Peter Gluck wrote with reference to the parable and the subject LENR: “Nobody, no person no institution, no society no anything else is concerned and focused on, seriously professionally on the Whole LENR, the Biggest Picture.”

I want to contradict Peters assessment. Of course there are people, visionaries, who are able to imagine and postulate the importance and the future scope of an innovation of the size of LENR, or better, (for to remain in the parable), able to see the whole elephant, understand it and able to describe it. However, these few people always move within a society of ‘blind people’, or ‘people in the dark’, which can, if at all, then only grasp parts of the elephant.

It is a tragedy of human nature that even if someone is able to provide an explanation of the elephant for these people, they cannot accept this finding, because it contradicts (with few exceptions) their nature and in particular the nature of decision-makers. They refuse to recognize something that is outside of their own cognition horizon and therefore take it into account in their decision making. Aristarchus of Samos, a Greek astronomer and mathematician who was one of the first people who postulated around 250 v. Chr, on the basis of his own findings, the heliocentric worldview, did not succeed with his ideas and even today thousands of years later, and despite the writings and findings of subsequent visionaries such as Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein are there still Kreatonisten and other of moderate means out there, which completely deny all scientific knowledge.

It should be noted as a conclusion: we all live only in a world of apparent absolute truth, because even if the scientific research has opened wide the knowledge horizon of the few who are able to see the whole elephant, so is the recognition, or the realization of the existence of the elephant, only a partial truth, relatively, individually and subjectively. For example questions like, ‘what is inside the elephant’, ‘where is the elephant’, ‘where does the elephant came from’, or even ‘is there an elephant at all’, cannot be explained by the pure fact of being able to see or touch the elephant.

 The subject LENR and the big picture.

Like Peter’s elephant, the Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) can be viewed from different angles. There is a very heated and partially completely improper and dubious scientific debates in the ivory towers, the search for theories, including a grave struggle for scientific interpretative authority and the question who is the pinnacle of all sciences.  And there are the economical and environmental issues with hundreds of related aspects and incredible stories that in no way inferior with classical tragedies or modern Hollywood blockbusters.

Especially in the Internet community, forums, newsgroups, mailing lists and blogs the phenomenon can be observed, that the closer the realization that there is indeed the elephant, the more all participants consider that their previously investigated part of the elephant is particularly and most important and they begin out of this incomplete information to explain how the whole elephant looks and generally works. And there are of course also those who simply do not believe in the elephant, and those who know that there is the elephant and want to get rid of it because they believe the elephant is a danger, and there are those who want to earn a lot of money with the elephant and get rich and therefore want to keep the elephant as long as possible in secret to have enough time to stake their claims, and so on.

All this is happening without public, there are only a few media reports and if the media reports it is never about the upcoming LENR revolution, but about scientific doubt, fraud, money and human abysses.

What kind of impact LENR will have economically and socially I have written here in my blog

Peter Gluck asked about the big picture and therefore I have to come back to my naming: The New Fire, even if the slogan sounds banal (such as new German marketing slang “Fire 2.0” or similar), it was ultimately a decision from philosophical considerations, because what Peter Gluck tries to explain with his parable of the elephant and the blind is also my concern, I want to explain to the public and inform the decision makers that LENR is far more than just a new energy source, it is The New Fire, much better than the old fire and better as any other energy source that is today available on this planet.

But it is not that easy, because even if you have full control of the elephant enclosure, the elephant, the light in the enclosure, then there still remaining countless factors that are crucial for a handoff of knowledge. This raises the question of whether the people who handle the elephants, can see the animal when you turn on the light, or whether they are actually blind and light does not help, it turns to issues such as who controls access to the elephant enclosure, who selects the people which may enter the enclosure, who determines the schedule when the light is turned on, who provides the ‘power’ for the light and ultimately raises the question of the meaning of whole.

LENR as technology is coming, one way or another, no one can stop it and it will raise humanity as a whole to a new stage of civilization. If we take the scale of the famous Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardashev Kardashev ( ) we are still a civilization of type 0, but with LENR technology become a civilization of type I and already living generations will due to the extreme high amount of energy available bring the environment of the planet earth under full control and they will begin to leave mother earth, and establish new homelands on other planets, moons and in the surrounding space.


What we are experiencing today, will be just a footnote in this story and what today sounds like science fiction will be with LENR technology and its rapid optimization in the coming years, be realized much faster than any so-called experts believe or to get back to the internet, where you able to imagine 20 years before, that you will one day stand in a dark forest somewhere in Europe and make a live videoconference with someone on the other side of the planet who is laying on a beach in Australia?

It is of course good news in 2020 that this will all come true. The latest results from NASA in terms of LENR …


… which would actually belong everywhere on new page 1 as a huge sensation and would justify special programs, are currently not causing a stir, but that will come when more and more people see the whole elephant.

Das Große Bild – Die LENR Revolution und der Elefant