The mystery of the irrational withdraw of the ECAT support

What I do not understand is, why are so many former supporter of the ECAT and Andrea Rossi withdrawing their support right now, during this particularly period of time, where we have an unreleased and disputed independent test report of an 1MW LENR Reactor claiming minimum COP>50 up to 200 (a real sensation), where there will be most probably a trial at an US court that will bring many answers, not only on behalf of the illegal/criminal, or economic components of this issue, but also real test data.

The ERV Report is of course Rossi’s main weapon in this court case and if Thomas Darden would have had any proof that the reactor did not work, then they would have published the report and used this information for sure in their Dismiss to Motion paper to the court.

Because that is what it is all about: Is the plant working, or not!?

If Rossi cannot deliver the proof at the district court that the 1MW Plant is working and has the performance that is necessary to fulfill the requirements of the license agreement, then he has nothing at all. Rossi is not going to court on his own, he has lawyers and these lawyer do not look like abusive advocates or paralegals, that are trying to abuse the system, or are well-intended but nonetheless incompetent, or engage in misconduct in an effort to gain unfair advantage for their clients, or in pursuit of some self-interest.

Rossi lawyers are following the codification of rules and enforcement of the The American Bar Association (ABA) if they would have had doubts, they would not have filled this lawsuit, that would bring them in big trouble, if they cooperate with a fraudster.

And for Rossi, if the plant does not work and if he knows that, then he would have never made the decision to fill such a lawsuit, that is not claiming a simple breach of a contract (a minor case) but claims fraud, conspiracy and theft of IP.

Back to the, from my point of view, completely irrational reactions of so many former Rossi supporters; some of them have waited for years to get a (real) ‘proof’ and right now, when there will be most likely a complete elucidation, of every single disputed point, of all what has happened in the last 4-5 years, all discussed and analyzed in front of an US court, just right now, even if there is not any judgment of the court,  the supporters jump off the train and are vehemently complaining that they have been cheated by Rossi for years.


That does not make sense at all!!! Why can they not wait some month longer??? Why not wait what the trial brings us and what the judges are saying??? Concerning the LENR issue nothing has changed at all, it is the other way around, there is a independent report claiming COP>50 (and much more) and even if Thomas Darden and Industrial Heat LLC arguing that the report is wrong, what if Rossi is right, with all what is written in the lawsuit and what if the ERV-report is correct? The reaction of the former supporters is a mystery, but perhaps the explanation is simple and some supporters simply are exhausted from reading all that noise and are no longer able to think clearly and are only able to act emotionally?!

I further think positive, looking at the big picture it is much more likely that Rossi can prove all his allegations, as that Thomas Dardens Jones Day lawyers can prove otherwise.

Good prospects for Rossi and Leonardo Corp. lawsuit

…to be continued…