Why is LENR the new fire?

QUESTION: Why is LENR the new fire?

ANSWER: As a supporter of LENR technology is not easy to explain to other people what actually is so special about LENR as an disruptive energy technology and why LENR in short to medium terms will completely replace all other forms of energy production.

Above all, it is not easy to provide a brief explanation that is understandable on the one hand side and reveal the enormous and unique scope of technological innovation on the other side. LENR as innovation will be as important for today’s mankind and future generations, (if not more important), as once for the primeval man the harnessing and learning of lighting fires!

QUESTION: But there are already many different sources of energy and related technologies,  which brought humans to the moon and man-made machines beyond our solar system into deep space! Is LENR not just another energy source, which joins the existing conventional and alternative energy sources and techniques?

ANSWER: No, because LENR is superior to all previous forms of energy in many ways and simultaneous compatible with all existing systems!

Consider therefore two important energy sectors and fuels used there:

Electric power generation by energy carriers worldwide in 2012: coal 40.3%, natural gas 22.4%, oil 4.1%, nuclear energy 10.8, hydropower 16.1%, other 4.7% renewable.

Heating buildings by energy source in the EU in 2012: natural gas 45%, fuel oil products 17%, renewables 14%, district heating systems with 11% (primary energy not broken), current 9% and coal with 4%.

To make the energy from these energy sources available, different technologies with different sizes are used and some of these technologies are more scalable than others. This means that an energy source such as natural gas, may be used in industrial plants (power plants), but also in a boiler of a house, or an internal combustion engine of a vehicle, whereas nuclear fuel as an energy source is, for various reasons, hardly scalable and therefore can only be used in large secure power plants, which is also true of many alternative energy sources such as wind and water power.

In addition are there very different factors, such as the efforts that are necessary to produce the different fuels and especially in large-scale plants, the enormous requirements for the technical infrastructure.

All of these factors have immense influence into the different burdens on the environment, not only CO2, but also concerning the necessary interventions in nature with its far-reaching consequences, ranging in the case of nuclear waste thousands of years in the future.

These observations and distinctions of the different energy sources and technologies can be continue infinitely, what makes arguing in terms of LENR very difficult, because even experts rapidly get lost in endless comparisons and the explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of existing conventional and alternative energy sources and their technologies, but one thing is common to all ot them and the main difference compared to LENR are the costs that incurred to provide the customer with energy, which are currently for electricity in the range between 3.8 euro cents to 21.5 euro cents per kw/h depending on the source (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stromgestehungskosten)

As the reader will notice, you can very quickly lose yourself in endless explanations of the existing market and therefore…

QUESTION:  What is so special about LENR!

ANSWER: Everything!

  1. LENR fuel is compared to any other fuels extremely cheap. The amount of energy of a supertanker filled up with 2 million barrels of crude oil, with a market value of up to 100,000,000 US dollars (depending on the oil price), is available in form of LENR fuel in powder form in normal stores for only 35,950 US dollars! 35,950 US dollars would not even cover the transportation costs of the oil. And for example an average household with average energy costs of 3,000 Euros a year, can be supplied for 2-20 euros per year!
  2. LENR fuel is compared to all other fuels extremely light. The same amount of LENR energy in weight is 200,000 times lighter than for example crude oil and its derivatives. The energy equivalent of a tanker truck can easily be transported in a water bottle.
  3. LENR fuel is compared to all other fuels extremely compact, with the same amount of energy in terms of volume 2,000,000 times denser. This means that the 318 million liters of crude oil of the supertanker would be squeezed into a single oil barrel with 159 liters in order to have the same energy density.
  4. LENR fuel must be regarded as an infinite resource by human standards. The components of the fuel LENR are among the most abundant elements on Earth and easy to mine.
  5. LENR fuel is carbon neutral.
  6. LENR fuel leaves no pollutants.
  7. LENR technology is simple technique. In principle, a LENR reactor works as a water heater and is not rocket science. Every normal heating engineer provided with a manual and appropriate materials is therefore capable to build a LENR reactor.

LENR technology is scalable. From micro-device up to the gigawatt power plant any size can be realized.

  • LENR technology works decentralized and autonomous, a nationwide power grid, district heating pipes, or gas pipes are not necessary and microgrids are enough for small communities.
  • LENR technology can easily be integrated into any existing system and is fully compatible with existing technology.
  • LENR fuels and technology are 100% recyclable and not leave any rubbish.
  • LENR reactors running in self sustain mode in principle do not need to be switched off. A few grams LENR fuel last for months of continuous operation and when two or more reactor units are installed parallel, not even a refilling-, or maintenance-shutdown is necessary.

Not only the price, but all of the above makes LENR an extremely disruptive technology whose advantages, especially in combination, are so outstanding that any other forms of energy production simply make no sense.

As an example: What is the sense to continue the search for oil deposits, to explore in 3000m meters sea depth, to drill, to pump the oil through pipelines to harbors and transport it in huge vessels around half the planet to huge refineries, produce gasoline and again pour it in tanker trucks, to transport is to the tanks of petrol stations, in order to fill it in a car tank and all just for an expensive few hundred kilometers ride for 50 euros and to then fill again and again hundreds of Euros into the tank of this car (and oil, together with brown coal, are currently the cheapest fuel available)?

So what sense should make all that, if you can simply buy a few grams LENR fuel for 20 Euros, fill it in the LENR reactor of your car and get a complete year of full mobility, drive where ever and as long you want and not even having a need for an ice scrapers in winter because the vehicle is always on and heated? (As we say in German ‘ future music’? No, European and Chinese companies already filled patents and will start building up LENR cars.)

This is also the greatest danger of LENR, not only for today’s globally operating multi-billion dollar energy companies, but also for the entire world economy, because huge amounts of capital stuck in the energy sector, where additionally are working millions of people, entire economies and therefore billion of people depending on the exploration, the production and distribution of fossil fuels and if all this breaks away in an uncontrolled manner, there will a global economic crisis of apocalyptic proportions.

Unfortunately LENR is still pending on any agenda of any government, or  international organization. Such as the German parliament and the German government rigorously reject petitions for expert commissions, also as the British government refuses. Some signs come from Saudi Arabia, that currently funded the largest investment fund in human history with 2,000 billion dollars (but if it is a reaction on LENR is difficult to predict) and there are signals from Sweden where Vattenfall (associated with Elforsk and thus having direct access to current LENR information) sells his sector of fossil fuels and announces together with the Swedish government and Swedish steel producer in future steel not to smelt with fossil fuels, but with electric power, which with today’s electricity prices, especially with hydroelectricity, not make any sense in terms of competitiveness, but would be an enormous competitive advantage with LENR energy.

QUESTION: So, why is LENR the new fire?

ANSWER: Just as the fire in its different forms, from prehistoric times to the modern era, always was the basis of civilization, which gave mankind the opportunity to spread all over the planet, develop culture and to grow from few 1000 out of Africa to 7 billion people, LENR will, on the long term, not only support mankind to solve all today’s energy, environmental and economic problems (if you have nearly free and endless energy you can do what you want!), but also create more and more space for cultural development and ultimately ensure that mankind leave planet earth, colonize the solar system and its surroundings in our home galaxy.

Although that this is all in some distant future, the LENR era has just begun and it is to all of us, but especially to the leaders in politics, society and business, whether it is a gentle, orderly and well-organized transition, or as unfortunately  currently expected,  a very rough one, driven by pure greed, in Wild West style, leave billions of people on the track and out of this exponentially increase the risk of violent, uncontrolled conflicts worldwide.


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