Will the Leonardo Corp. E-CAT soon be the most valuable brand in the world?


LENR Technology and especially the highly efficient E-Cat of Dr. Andrea Rossi’s Leonardo Corp., is due to its extremely high Coefficient of Performance (COP between 50-200) as Peter Gluck formulated a LENR + device.
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The E-Cat and other LENR devices as disruptive energy sources will soon revolutionize not only the entire energy sector, but due to the high scalability of LENR technology also have significant impact in virtually all existing aspects of life of mankind.

This was also recognized by the US Congress that even sees a threat to the security of the United States.

Since the scientific research of cold fusion in 1989 got a kind of death blow with the Fleischmann/Ponds debacle, a long time very few serious scientists publish research results in this field. But research continued and numerous research results were published over the past 25 years, shown that cold fusion works. Both governmental organizations (NASA, CERN, etc.), as well as global technology companies (BOEING, AIRBUS, National Instruments, etc.) are involved in research, especially in the last decade. But not only in the research, but also the application of cold fusion, or as it is called today the ‘Low Energy Nuclear Reaction’, short LENR.

Although research in this area showed results, however, the amount of energy produced was in a range of a few watts and the readiness for use in advanced technical applications and commercialization far in the distant future, especially for the industrial and private sector of the energy industry.

Then in 2011, the inventor and entrepreneur Dr. Andrea Rossi, who lives in the US, presented his Energy Catalyzer (short E-CAT), a LENR reactor that produced out of a few grams of special ‘fuel’ via cold fusion (LENR) amounts of energy in the range of kilowatts, and by combining several E-Cats ‘in series’ installed inside of a standard shipping container, he realized a 1 megawatt plant, which then over a period of 352 days, mostly in a self sustain mode, has reliably provided 1MW thermal energy each day, with an almost continuous Coefficient of Performance (short COP) between 50 to 200.

An energy source like the E-Cat would make any conventional, alternative, as well as nuclear energy source immediately obsolete, not only concerning the environmental impact as carbon free technology, but especially concerning the cost side .

Have in mind on the one side the energy of a super-tanker, full with US $ 100,000,000 worth crude oil and on the other side a standard barrel LENR-Fuel witch cost only US $ 35,950 but contains the same usable amount of clean energy, that is the scale it is all about.

It means  from today’s perspective nearly flat-rate energy, similar to the flat-rate telecommunication, but also means energy device upgrades, worth trillions, whether in public sector, private homes or in the global industry. The renewable energy sector is already reacting:

The potential of LENR technology is so high, that in monetary terms it makes for example no sense even to invest one US$ or € in the insulation of a building (apart perhaps similar factors as insulation against noise), with a functioning LENR technology saving energy at all levels make no sense.

Not only that, but the technology is compared to all other forms of energy very easy to handle and so compact that it can be immediately be installed in every corner of the world.

Let’s have a look at the history.

The use of energy and ultimately its value was in the short history of mankind is the main factor for cultural development.

While early cultures, like the hunter-gatherer societies in the Stone Age, used only about the 3-6 times the average human basal metabolic rate of energy for to prepare food, or heating and cover these needs directly from their direct surrounding environment,  later agriculture cultures already used 18-24 of human basal metabolic energy and they not only used fuels such as wood, but additionally wind and hydropower and developed markets that needs energy for transportation.

With the Industrial Revolution all this changed dramatically, the per capita consumption of energy rose up to 70-80 times the human basal metabolism and today this needs are met in large part of the world by fossil fuels, with considerable regional differences.  Today everyone on Earth uses on average 43.2 kWh/day on technically generated energy. In India, this value is 12 kWh/day, in China 33.6 kWh/day, for an average European 127 kW/day, for a German 132 kWh/day and for a US-Americans 250 kWh/ day.

And now a technology like the Leonardo Corp E-CAT LENR device hit this market and it this would mean a complete, global paradigm shift, because at such a high energy density and thus low cost, all other forms of energy would be absolutely senseless, because by weight the energy density is 200 000. times higher than oil and by volume the ECAT has a factor 2 million in energy density and that means that all frame conditions for the absolute majority of the people on this planet are ‘abruptly’ and completely changing.

In the near future a 10kW Desktop Computer large LENR unit will cost approximately US$ 500 plus $ 20 consumption costs for one year, that is compared to the current costs virtually nothing. According to today’s market prices the consumption energy costs out of fission, fossil, or renewable energy  in 30 years for an average household are round about US$ 140,000 (Europe) so that the US$ 600 for 30 years for LENR Consumption costs appear to be ridiculous low, but they are fact.

And if always with new technology, everything is getting smaller, better, cheaper, once it’s on the market. Have in mind the first electronic ‘calculators’ build in the middle of the last century in house large industrial laboratories, devouring millions in costs and energy. Today you get this devices as a promotional gift, you can put it in your pocket and even the cheapest calculator is technically far superior to its ancestor devices.

In human history it is fact,  that when energy was available and could be used, then it was used to the full extent. For example billions of Indians consume not just 12 kWh/day, because they have no higher demand, but mainly because (apart from the upper class), the majority simply cannot afford more energy.

The same is true for at least 2/3 of the over 7 billion people on this planet. But it is also true, albeit on a different scale for highly industrialized countries, the (still) largest and strongest economy in the world the United States of America consume per person an average of 250 kWh/day, and not least that creates the extraordinary economic and military power of the US, they are still the country that show what is possible with large amounts of energy. A comparison, the energy consumption of the US military exceeds the two-thirds of all countries in the world, including rich countries like Switzerland.


This world now meets LENR technology, which means that looking at the pure energy costs compared to today, every living human being from now on can afford and consume as much energy, as a modern-day US-Americans. US$ 600 in 30 years, which would have to pay an American for LENR -Energy out of an Leonardo Corp. E-CAT to provide his household with energy, can also be raised by the billions of average Indians, or Chinese people and they will do it.

Even if most of those people initially did not know what they can do with so much energy, then this will change very quickly, because unlike our industrialized nations 300 years ago at the beginning of industrialization, today living people have via internet instantly global access to any information and everything that is technically available.

In this context, why will the Leonardo Corp. E-CAT www.ecat.com be the upcoming most valuable brand in the world?

Dr. Andrea Rossi, CEO of Leonard Corp is fully aware, that the E-CAT in the near future will have to compete with other LENR Technology. So his strategy is not only to protect his intellectual property and invention via local and global protection by patents and an efficient global licensing system, his main goal is to make the E-CAT device so cheap , that no other company can compete with the prices of a Leonardo Corp. E-CAT.  If he succeed, and it is likely that this will happen, then the E-CAT will outperform Apple as most valuable brand in a very short period of time.

And if you think this will not happen? Do you remember Nokia, the global market leader for telecommunications devices of the last decades? It was washed away by a ‘simple’ idea of just one man.

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