Will the Trump administration bring the final death blow for LENR technology aka. cold fusion?


The Low Energy Nuclear Reaction companies like Leonardo Corporation, Brillouin Energy or Brilliant Light Power are already under heavy pressure by the existing energy market and their lobbyists in Washington DC.


Some members of the administration of the new US-president Donald Trump are now adding a strong competitor into the race for future energy called Helion Energy Inc. a company that is developing a 50 MW magneto-inertial fusion power technology system called The Fusion, that they hope to have working by 2019.


Other as Vanity Fair claimed in their article is Helion Energy Inc. not a cold fusion company, the magneto-inertial fusion power technology is hot fusion and therefore a direct competitor of cold fusion technology.

Jim O’Neill, managing director at billionaire Peter Thiel’s US $1.14B Mithril Capital Management firm that has investment in Helion Energy Inc. is now considered to head the Food and Drug Administration and Peter Thiel was named to the executive committee of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team in November 2016.


As long as the existing and still experimental big scale Tokamak like hot fusion technology https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokamak was no real competitor for small scale cold fusion devices, is Helion Energy’s approach to develop a semi-truck size 50MW fusion system that is directly producing electricity, exactly targeting the same market as for example the 1MW plant of Leonardo Corp. or the Quark X reactor.

It is to be assumed that the new members of the trump administration are trying to protect their investment (as before the Obama administration in the field of renewable energies and nuclear fission) and are trying to suppress the extremely disruptive LENR technology as long as possible and perhaps so long that the small Cold Fusion LENR companies are finally running out of money.


Hopefully, LENR Technology and Research will be supported by other investors, such as of Bill Gates’ (who personally already supports Texas Tech University’s LENR research with US $ 6 million) new US $ 1 billion Breakthrough Energy Ventures fund. http://www.b-t.energy/

Bill Gates and investors worth $170 billion are launching a fund to fight climate change through energy innovation